Mobile Home Setup: A Guidebook Directing the Beginners

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Written by Diana Bennett

With the world becoming a global village, the pace of human life has increased many folds.  The fast-paced world has impacted all folds of life resulting in frequent changes in almost every area. The real estate industry in this regard has been affected with the introduction of movable houses and mobile home setups!

Home; a shelter space where everyone longs to return to after a hectic day! Times have now changed the concept and this home is less time consuming to install and later destroy. A convenience highly sought in times of hiked property and construction prices and job difficulties.

After weighing in the pros and cons of a trailer home, the multimillions question arises of how to setup a mobile home? Worry not! We are here to help you and guide you through the entire process of installing your dream palace.

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Abide the Law

Before taking any further step we advise you to go through the laws of your area regarding mobile homes as some zones do not allow such setups. Therefore ensure that the law in your area permits the setup.

Depending on your budget either buy or lease a piece of land. In any case, ensure that you have enough finances and legitimately get done with the entire paperwork before moving forward! In case you plan to setup your home in a mobile home park ensure that you can fulfill the formalities and are able to pay the rent.

Prepare Your Base: The Land

A solid piece of land is the first ingredient for the setup of a successful house.  You should inspect the piece of land for any technical issue which might hinder the longevity of the place. It should be a flat surface, free from any trees, shrubs or any other such wildlife.

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Wild life consists of both animals and plants, which tend to share your land by making their homes here. In such a case measures should be taken to permanently prevent the growth of such critters as these seemingly harmless creatures have the tendency of deteriorating your home at its serenity to a great extent.

We advise you to inspect the texture of the soil and if needed take some professional advice. As the soil tends to be the base where the structure is deposited ensure that it has the strength to withhold it. In any other case concrete or bricks base can be laid on the land.

Different Types of Bases

Manufactured homes also require a base to stand on. Therefore the importance of foundation remains intact in its place even in this type of a setup. Depending on your need and lifestyle you can choose the type of base.

Permanent Base

If you plan to make this house your permanent residency; you should opt for such a foundation which is long-lasting in nature. The most famous one in this category include the following:

  • Using concrete slab: A concrete slab which is normally half a foot in height is placed as a base for the structure.  This a simple method of providing ground for your home. Though it categorized in the permanent base yet in times of need the house along with these slabs can be moved to another location.
  • Underground slabs: These slabs are placed a feet or two under the ground surface, thus the house stands on level with the rest of the surface.
  • Conventional base: Here a deep pit is made which serves as the foundation for the home. This is similar to the construction of base like that of a conventional constructed home.
  • Basement base: Here a basement is constructed which serves the base for the home.

Shallow house foundation

Temporary Base

The users of such manufactured homes at times move around and thus the house needs to be moved too. If you are such an owner than temporary base is the answer to your query. The main options that you have include:

  • Block base: in this situation you just have to lay down blocks of concrete. These are blocks made on default size. You just have to purchase and lay them.
  • Column Support Base: In this base columns are placed underneath the pillars of the house. These underground piers will provide support for the pillars above the ground, thus making the structure stand tall.

Mobile homes on temporary base

Placement and Grading of the House

Now you should map the spot where the house will be placed. For the step you can take in professional help also. Space should be left at all sides depending on the size and alignment of the house. A clear flat surface with smooth edges and prominent boundaries shall be the ideal candidate.

If you are planning to put up and occupy a second-hand house you would already have the measurements and as per them the boundaries can be constructed and positioning set. In the other case you along with your contractor can decide on the occupied area needed.

If you plan to reside within a community of such moveable homes; than the predetermined alignment and measurement will be provided thus saving further cost and time.

Installing mobile home piers

Proper grading of the surface should now be done. Grading is the word used to define the construction of the surface in a specific manner.

In your case right now the grading shall have to be done in the shape of a slope as to prevent the accumulation of water underneath and around the house, thus resulting in proper evacuation of water especially sewerage.

The soil should be compacted once the grading is done. It is the best to take the services of specialists for these works as they form the foundation on which the structure will rest on, therefore any carelessness at this stage will eventually result in a lot of hassle and loss in future so beware and be careful!

Empty area for any potential backyard should also be kept aside. One extremely important aspect in this case is to determine a driveway! As your house will be driven in therefore this area should be broad enough to accommodate the vehicle which brings in your house.

Arrange for Other Necessities

Naturally, to make the house functioning and a proper home fit for living, you will require other utilities. The foremost includes water and electricity. Proper electricity and plumbing lines should be put up as these utilities are the key to a peaceful living.

Rusty water faucet on wall

If you have a separate land on which you plan to put up your dream palace than you will have to put up the entire web of all the utilities. If in case you are putting up your home in a home park than all the utilities will be available.

Contractors providing the best possible service most cost effectively should be hired. The quality of work and the material used should also be kept in mind as at time a little saving now can lead to a high amount of expenditure in the future.

For the purpose of hiring contractors we advise you to look for someone who is experienced in providing fittings and fixtures for such types of trailer homes. As in this case the house comes with a default structure and the fittings have to be adjusted to it.

This is completely different when compared to the traditional system where changes can be made to the structure also in case of any issue. Therefore to prevent any further problem look for experience in the field.

Searching for the Best Structure

After the preparatory work ends, the main course starts. You should search for the most cost-effective and best possible company which will make your dream home. This depends on the individual choice of the buyer. So go for whatever suits you and make the decision keeping in view your needs and demands and economic viability.

Research will be the key in this step. Researching the different manufacturers their floor plans the materials their use, the warranties they provide and other such details will help you understand your needs and help you in connecting to the best possible person for you!

Community of mobile homeowners

Once you have selected the manufacturer; go and have a look to the houses they have made. Have a word with the owners. Ask them their opinion and experience. Go for on line reviews and try to check out their cost effectiveness. Be more than hundred percent sure before making the final deal.

Again a friendly advice from our side would be for you to go for a contractor who has experience in this field and well versed with the needs and other conditions of your area.

While making the selection you should remember some general pointers; as these help in increasing the life of your home. The main areas include:

  • Instead of a flat roof opt for a slanted one. The roof should an inch or two bigger than the structure and walls.
  • The side walls made from vinyl with a height of almost eight feet have the tendency of ensuring a house with a high life.
  • Each plumbing line should have an individual valve which can be switched off
  • Floors should be of plywood, as this generally has a lower swelling rate in comparison to other materials.

Further Installations and Fittings

The expenditure shall have to continue! After finalizing the deal of buying the structure; the next step involves its proper installation. This again is an extremely vital step as the key to the smooth functioning of the house rests on the proper implementation of this step.

Ready for interior fitting

Generally, the manufacturer will either have an in-house fitting unit or he would recommend you a contractor for the job. The former situation can be considered an ideal one, as the producer can understand their product in the best way relieving you of any undue pressure.

As in the case of any human error or any production default the company will become liable and the chances of redemption shall increase.

In case they do not have a fitting unit and a third party recommendation is provided for the job; you should be alert and make a decision wisely. As in this case, the company no longer becomes liable for any kind of loss.

Therefore you should get your homework done. Pay heed and connect to their suggested contractor if only you have heard good reviews regarding their work. If not the field is open; please contact someone with a positive goodwill in this field. As the failure and success of your entire investment depends on its proper installation.

While making the selection ensure that the contractor and company you choose have a workable license and insurance cap. The company shall have to transport a heavy load in a residential area, for the purpose a no objection certificate will be required.

Mobile home factory

The contractor should be able to get such a permit on time so that the delivery process is not hindered.

Working with people who are good citizens and within the legal boundaries helps in not only promoting good business ethics but also accentuates the fact that the state support will be available for every party in case any issue arises.

Making Use of the Manual Guide

Believe us; the books that come along with every purchase you make known as manual guides are there to help you! They provide you with all the details regarding the product.

Contractor working on house

The instructions include that of installing, handling and caring for the product. Alas! If we can all understand this little fact and instead of treating these books like an alien creature makes friends with them; things would become so much easier!

Yes please read through the manual! Understanding the basics of the installation will not harm any of you. Go through the manual and understand the professional language and terminologies used. Even if you are hiring professional help it will be so much better both for you and your home.

In situations where you plan to install the house yourself; the guide becomes your literal guide. We advise you to follow it word to word and in case of any difficulty contact the manufacturers or hire experts.

Connect the Base with the Structure

Imagine a situation where the structure and base individually are in the best of their form and type; but when joint together they are unable to provide the strength to the home making it vulnerable to destruction in case of a slight change!

Mobile home on solid base

We know that you might be thinking what is the point of individual greatness is if together as a team they fail to deliver! In such a case you might either blame the home structure or the base for the issue. When in reality both of them are mere victims and the true culprit is the anchor.

Proper attachment of the structure with the base is highly important. For the purpose we request you to take professional help as they will best suggest you the most efficient anchor for your home. These anchors help the help the house to withstand natural calamity and harsh weather conditions.

Provide Connection with Other Utilities

The web of pipes and lines of other utilities should now be connected to the main structure. You should first check with your local laws, as in many areas the pipes and lines are checked for safety purposes before making the final connection.

Connecting two pipes

In any case such a practice of checking beforehand will be highly useful for you, as any issues can be detected and corrected before the final installation. So get it tested first and then connected.

Inspection by an independent party

Signing the dotted line seals the deal, so whatever the case it is important to sign after being sure of everything. Once the installation process ends the dealer wants you to sign off and relieve them from all the liability.

We advise you not to haste this process but take a final approval from an independent party. Bring in any independent third party and make them inspect all the nicks and cronies of the house. This party should be someone with knowledge regarding such a setup.

An affirmative nod from their side will boost your confidence and then you shall sign it off.

Giving the Outskirts a Personal Touch

You can now add the other necessary features like sunshades and canopies to your home. Colorful awnings not only give a pretty look to the entire house but also provide shades to the front and back yard.

Retractable mobile home awning

These blinds provide a shade against normal weather issues .These will not only protect you from sunlight if you plan to work in the front or back yard but also assist in draining off the rain water which otherwise will accumulate under or over your home.

Some localities have laws regarding these awnings also so please check your local laws before putting up any such thing on your place.

Final Strokes to Your Home

Decorate the insides; give your personal touches; let the artist in you come out and make the space your dream palace. In the cases where it is an individual property landscaping the exteriors will also be needed.

Here also you can show your personal streaks and scape thee area as you wish; after all it is your place and you rule it!

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Routine Checkups to avoid Issues

Manufactured homes should be checked at least once a year for any issue which may arise. Such a checkup will show any issues which might need a little patch up or any part which may require a change. This will help save a lot of time and expenditure in the future.

Final Words from our End

The above text provides you with a complete detail on how to install a mobile home. We are sure that it will come in handy.

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Though the process seems like a long and tiring one, yet the end result is fulfilling. Happy installing everyone! Hope that you built your dream place soon and with ease.


Diana Bennett

Diana is passionate about interior and architectural design and wants to dedicate her life to the transition of living space to more practical and affordable but elegant and cozy at the same time. Her father is a developer, so she was raised on a construction site learning all the details of the construction process. Later she got involved in design industry and received a degree in journalism. As a result she knows how to build an amazing home and writes about it.